Upon entering the UPOLAD SECTION you will be redirected to an external page on which to enter your password in order to load the files; you can request a password by contacting us at the address materiale@muraditutti.it. Having obtained access to the section you can upload the files according to the following guidelines.

Read before sending material

The files must be headed with your first and last name. e.g. If Sig. Mario Rossi would like to send three files, these should be titled mario_rossi01.jpeg - mario_rossi02.jpeg - mario_rossi03.jpeg.

The files further must be accompanied by a pdf or doc that indicate identifying information about the sender. (namelast namemailing addresstelephone numbertitle of the submission) and the names of the files sent.

Please be advised to read the file requirements before sending them.

Files formats accepted

jpg - png - tiff - psd - ai

pdf - doc - txt - pages

mov - mpeg - m4v - 3gp - 3gp2 - flv

Maximum size: 75mb (upload section)

Collaborate with us

If you are interested in the history of the walls, even more recent history, discover how to send your work (stories, experiences, images, films). The best will be published on line as part of this site.

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