Layout of the site

This site is divided into four sections: one dedicated to the work of scholars who comprise the group History in the Making for the creation of a project focused precisely on the history of the enjoyment of the walls of Lucca across the centuries. The plan will be placed at the disposition of the citizens of Lucca in a variety of published forms.

Another open to the accounts, suggestions, images, anecdotes of all those who understand the walls to be a space of living memory in a position to involve citizens of all ages, above all the young. Particular attention will be given to creative proposals pertaining to the artistic and cultural environment linked to the walls of Lucca.
For this reason there are two interactive spaces: one dedicated to adults who can send their contributions (texts, images, videos ...); another reserved for children and teens who have the opportunity to post their thoughts and designs that will be published online.

A third part is dedicated completely to reading the walls through images, be they panoramic, interactive, aerial or made up of time-lapse films. Two useful instruments for understanding the fortification complete this section: the glossary or vocabulary “Le parole delle mura” and a graphic reconstruction of the development of the historical walls across the centuries in the morphology section.

The final section of the site is entirely dedicated to digital libraries pertaining to the history of city walls and military history in general. Such a choice is dictated by the conviction that an attentive study of the urban history of Lucca must be placed in a larger context of research both national and international. We extend a heartfelt thank you to Prof. Virgilio Ilari who has granted us the privilege of publishing his digital library comprised of approximately 45,000 volumes on-line and divided into 28 sections. We are dealing with a very important tool for scholars of this field who are occupied in making it enjoyable to all through a specific project or categorization of which, in this first phase, we are offering an example.

There is active in addition a section, Miscellany, subdivided into three subsections: reviews (of books that treat Lucca and its walls, or by authors from Lucca), gleanings (with brief reflections pertaining to Lucca, its walls, its environment) virtual exhibits (by lucchese artists and with particular reference in their paintings to the city, its environment, its walls. Or even the display of objets d’art, antique books, and other items that refer to the same topics.)

Collaborate with us

If you are interested in the history of the walls, even more recent history, discover how to send your work (stories, experiences, images, films). The best will be published on line as part of this site.

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