“Everyone’s Walls”, how to partecipate


You can send your material via e-mail to the following address:



You can upload material on the UPLOAD section. To request a password write to:
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Other ways

If you need to send material in another way contact us at the e-mail address:


Read before sending material

Read before sending material

The files must be headed with your first and last name. e.g. If Sig. Mario Rossi would like to send three files, these should be titled mario_rossi01.jpeg - mario_rossi02.jpeg - mario_rossi03.jpeg.

The files further must be accompanied by a pdf or doc that indicate identifying information about the sender. (namelast namemailing addresstelephone numbertitle of the submission) and the names of the files sent.

Please be advised to read the file requirements before sending them.

Files formats accepted

jpg - png - tiff - psd - ai

pdf - doc - txt - pages

mov - mpeg - m4v - 3gp - 3gp2 - flv

Maximum size: 75mb (upload section)

“Everyone’s Walls”, the sections of the site

spazio adulti

Adult space

Those interested in the history of the walls, even in most recent times are invited to send submissions to the email address or to the mailbox ..... their material (stories, experiences, images, films) . The best of these will be published on this site. In regard to images, their submission indicates permission for on-line publication. In the case of a print version, the permission of the author will be requested.
For reasons of scientific fairness and publishing, before publication, the material sent will be evaluated by a committee of three members of the group History in the Making.

spazio ragazzi

Children’s space

We invite children and adolescents to send their drawings and thoughts about the walls. Of you are too little, you can have your parents or your teacher help you. Group and class drawings and stories are also welcome.


All those who send their contribution will receive a personalized thank you postcard for your much-appreciated participation. Transmission will be via e-mail. It is suggested, therefore, that you indicate a valid e-mail address to which it may be sent.

Collaborate with us

If you are interested in the history of the walls, even more recent history, discover how to send your work (stories, experiences, images, films). The best will be published on line as part of this site.

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