Reviews of books pertaining to the walls and the city of Lucca and articles of particular relevance concerned with the city walls that have appeared in journals will be published in this section as will a variety of announcements about initiatives and exhibits that will take place at the actual site of the walls.



Reviews of books that deal with Lucca and its walls and also books by authors from Lucca.



Gleanings or reflections on Lucca, its walls and environment.

mostre virtuali

Virtual Exhibits

Virtual exhibits by lucchese artists with particular attention to the city, its environment, its walls, and also, the exhibition of objets d’art, old books, and other items on the same topics.

Collaborate with us

If you are interested in the history of the walls, even more recent history, discover how to send your work (stories, experiences, images, films). The best will be published on line as part of this site.

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