Verdemura (5-7 April 2013), Mostra mercato del giardinaggio e del vivere all’aria aperta has just recently closed. It is one of two exhibits, together with Murabilia, that transformed a part of the circuit of the city walls into a kind of market display of flowers and typical Lucchese and Tuscan products not simply as a privileged space for presenting innovative gardening plans but atypical horticulture as well.
Verdemura ( thus represents an important solution for how to bring the walls of Lucca to the to the attention of visitors and the mass media through an already well-established tradition.
The exhibit, promoted by the city of Lucca, by Verdemura, Manifestazioni amiche (an organization in charge of floral events in Italy) and by the Opera delle mura, and with the financial support of the Camera di Commercio e della Banca del Monte, was mounted in the area between the Baluardo San Martino and the S.ta Maria city gate. It tallied the participation of approximately 150 exhibitors with a few interesting exhibits at the Castello di S.ta Maria.
Also noteworthy was the participation of numerous schools including the l’Istituto tecnico “Carrara,” the ’Istituto tecnico agrario “Anzilotti,” the liceo scientifico “A. Vallisneri,” and the “San Giovanni Bosco” elementary school. Let us offer then a few pictures primarily to highlight the suggestive environment of this event, which counts, among its major protagonists, the city walls themselves.

Carla Sodini

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